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About us

Launched in October 2018, Chiquetto Comunica is a leading consulting agency focused on marketing and communications for law firms.

We bring together professionals with large experience, which background include working in renowned communications, marketing and PR agencies, media outlets and traditional law firms.

Our clients are mostly leading boutiques and medium-sized firms, which practice in the broadest areas of law, but also M&A consulting agencies and the Brazilian offices of renowned international law firms.

Chiquetto Comunica offers a highly personalized service, with each project developed on demand, with a unique service focused on meeting the different needs of each firm in each case.

Our practice

Chiquetto Comunica offers a wide range of services, aiming to meet the needs of boutique and medium-sized firms as a one-stop shop to such firms. Among our services are international rankings, strategic planning, social media, press, media training, branding, websites (development and maintaining), newsletters (design and writing), content production, videos, podcasts, legal design, promotional materials, and others.

Legal Rankings

Coordination of schedule, elaboration and review of submission forms and referees’ spreadsheets. Several times awarded as “best submission form”

Social Media

Management of accounts, content production, customised visual work.

PR and Press

Handling media queries and constantly liaising with journalists
and other media contacts.

Media Training

Preparation and training of individuals to interact with media outlets


Design, content production and review, coordination of mailing,
preparation of reports


Development of new brands and redesign of existing ones


Creating and developing websites, content production,
maintenance and updates

Content Production

Content creation of institutional materials, books, videos,
folders, and others

Promotional Materials

Design and production of promotional materials in general

Videos and Podcasts

Script creation, production and editing

Legal Design

User-centered solutions to legal market problems


Our professionals
are based in various Brazilian
cities, and also in Italy.

To contact us: Email: Phone and WhatsApp: +55 11 992850632